What we do

Twinn Promotions' aim is to promote what we call 'Eclectic Soul'; a term we coined to describe the myriad variations within the genre of Soul Music, from early roots to contemporary influenced sounds. Our slogan - 'We Will Sell Your Soul' - speaks for itself !!!

How we do it

For independent artists the Twinn Promotions team offer a tailor-made management service, fine-tuned in terms of individual needs and expectations. For those with existing management, Twinn Promotions offer a promotional service which focuses on public relations and finding suitable venues.

Alternatively Twinn Promotions are able to offer a management and advice service detailing specific and structured time bound and planning in terms of individual careers.

Twinn Promotions are also able to offer a stylist and photography service provided by an experienced team of stylists renowned within the London fashion industry. This being a crucial element in respect of image, identity and individualism.

Who we are

Graphic by Simon Beck
Shelley Twinn

Director Shelley Twinn has been involved in the music industry since childhood, beginning her career as a musician and vocalist. Her later involvement in the fashion industry added to a grounding in creativity and a natural inclination for observing talent.

Whilst Shelley has always had a fierce passion for performing, a recent taste for behind-the-scenes involvement led her to begin the Twinn Promotions facet !

Recent successes are displayed under individual artist portfolios. The team are committed to the promotion of ' Eclectic Soul'.

Remember -
'We Will Sell Your Soul'!